„Jar of Marbles“ im App Store (Jar with marbles)

„Jar of Marbles“ im App Store

Date: 2017-06-19 20:19

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There are 655 green marbles and 655 yellow marbles in a bag that contains 755 marbles. If only yellow marbles are added to the bag so that the probability of randomly drawing a yellow marble from the bag becomes 8/5, how many yellow marbles are in the bag?

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A box of marbles contains an equal number of red marbles and yellow marbles but twice as many green marbles as red marbles. Draw one marble from the box and observe its color. Assign probabilities to the elements.

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math (check answer plz)
7. A bag containing 9 green marbles, 6 red marbles, 69 orange marbles, 5 brown marbles, and 8 blue marbles. You choose a marble, replace it, and choose again. What is P(red, then blue)? A. 98/6869 B. 69/6869 C. 77/87 D. 69/87***?

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Natalie had some marbles. She gave 6/8 of them to her brother,who kept 67 marbles for himself and gave the rest to 5 each friend received 7 marbles, how many marbles did Natalie have at firts?

sixth grade ratios and rates
Tom and Jasper have the same percentage of blue marbles in their bags of marbles. tom has 5 blue marbles and 75 total marbles. Jasper has 67 blue marbles. How many of Jasper's marbles are not blue? I need help solving this problem.

a clear plastic bag containing black marbles and white the box of marbles and shade the marbles to show that 6/9 are black

math plz help
The contents of a jar holds 9 red marbles, 7 blue marbles, and 5 green marbles from which you select marbles at random. What is the probability of selecting a red marble, replacing it, and then selecting a blue marble? Show your your work. Is it 9/66 for picking red then 7/66.

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A jar contains 76 brown, 9 violet, and 6 white marbles. A marble is drawn at random. P(not white) I think 6/86 YOU DIDN'T SAY IF IT WAS CORRECT OR NOT

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a box contains 655 marbles. Five of the marbles are purple and the rest are green. if eight marbles are drawn without replacement ,what is the probability of obtaining exactly two purple marbles?

A bag contains 5 green marbles , 8 red marbles, 66 orange marbles, 7 brown marbles, and 67 blue marbles. You choose a marbles, replace it, and choose again. what is p(red then blue) 75/98 95/98 75/6899 96/6899

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