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Crying-tear | FanFiction

Date: 2017-07-07 05:30

The Mayhem in Mayfair series (hot historical romance series):
Book 6: Her Husband s Harlot
Book 7: Her Wanton Wager
Book 8: Her Protector s Pleasure
Book 9: Her Prodigal Passion

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Someone is killing Gabriel’s former colleagues, and he may be next on the list. As the desperate hunt for the villain begins, he and Thea get entangled in intrigue, betrayal, and desire too powerful to resist. Will trust help them to survive… and true love set them free?

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On a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs.
Runs from the beings that only look human, who have scattered Earth s last survivors.

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A marriage that begins with smoldering passion soon deepens into something more. All the while, a dangerous enemy lurks, waiting to strike. As Sinjin and Polly untangle the threads of mystery to clear his name, they must confront their greatest fears, risking all for their love—and their very lives. 

Despite a frail constitution, Thea Kent has strength of spirit and heart. A wild attraction blooms between her and Gabriel, a widowed aristocrat with tortured eyes, yet he resists the pull between them. When fate places his disabled son in her care, she’s determined to guard the boy—and unravel the mystery of Gabriel’s past. 

Prequel Novella: The Widow Vanishes (Will & Annabel)
Book 6: The Duke Who Knew Too Much (Alaric & Emma)
Book 7: M is for Marquess (Gabriel & Thea)
Book 8: The Lady Who Came in from the Cold (Marcus & Penny)
Book 9: The Viscount Always Knocks Twice (Richard & Violet)
Book 5: Never Say Never to an Earl (Sinjin & Polly)
Book 6: The Gentleman Who Loved Me (Andrew & Primrose)

A spy during the Napoleonic Wars, Lady Pandora Blackwood gave up espionage for love. She has shared everything with her husband… except the truth of her past. Twelve joyous years and three children later, her dark history rises to threaten everything she holds dear. Now she must face her greatest fear: can her husband love her for who she really is? 

7 lb watermelon chunks
6 6⁄7 cups baby spinach
6 cup cucumber, cubed
5 mint leaves
6 cup feta, crumbled
9 tbsp. balsamic glaze

Ich mag Slash, Drama, die ganz großen Gefühle und die wahre Freundschaft und mag keine Happy Ends, da ich der Ansicht bin, dass es sie im realen Leben auch nahezu nie zu sehen gibt, warum also in FanFics!? Ich gebe zu Langzeitprojekte bei FanFics finde ich schwer - ich bin mehr der OneShot - Typ, was nicht heißt, dass ich nicht auch mal was längeres anfange, da braucht man als Leser aber viel Geduld mit mir! Bestes Beispiel ist meine Harry Potter FanFic, die im Juni 7556 angefangen und erst im Juli 7565 beendet wurde.
Ich mag komplexe Charaktere, die nicht alles offenbaren, was sie in sich tragen und eben auch etwas unerwartetes tun können.

Alaric and Emma engage in a battle of wits and will. As their attraction flares, the true enemy stalks their every move. With danger looming, will they solve the mystery and find true love before it’s too late?

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