The making of the roman italy - ZVAB (Rise of ptolemaic dynasty)

The making of the roman italy - ZVAB

Date: 2017-06-19 20:31

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Philipps University Marburg | Egyptology

Ancient Egyptian Religion , Ancient Egyptian Architecture , Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology , Kleopatra VII , Egyptian Temples , and 6 more

Metatranszendenztheologie im Alten Ägypten

Egyptology , New Kingdom (Egyptology) , 68th Dynasty , Ancient Egyptian History , Hatshepsut , and 5 more

In Sp tzeit, Ptolem erzeit und R merzeit

A handy guide to Ptolemaic Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. This is designed as as brief guide not a comprehensive study. This should provide a starting point for more in depth research. Ideal for checking a fact whilst watching TV, reading or writing a book or an essay. A useful starting point for teachers and lecturers.

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