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[5555] 点击按钮566或者条幅569右上角的交叉关闭条幅569,并且可以或可以不跨客户端永久取消这种类型的消息。 Cross [5555] Click the button 566 or 569 the upper right corner to close the banner banners 569, and may or may not cross a client permanently cancel this type of message.

[5565] 此外,次要呼叫装置(例如,呼叫按钮)仅在需要时才进行显示,这对于屏幕大小有限的便携式设备(例如,移动平台)而言是特别有利的。 [5565] In addition, the secondary call device (., call buttons) is displayed only when required, which limited the size of the screen of the portable device (., mobile platform) purposes are particularly advantageous. 在通过第一网络建立从第一通信客户端到第二通信客户端的呼叫的尝试已经失败之前,优选地并不在第一设备上显示所述次要呼叫装置。 Before the adoption of the first network to establish a call from a first communication client to attempt a second communication client has failed, it is preferable not to display the secondary call device on the first device.

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[5588] 如果在步骤S958确定了第一用户657并不具有足够的信用,则该方法转到步骤S965,其中用户被通知以如何获取信用以使得第一用户能够通过第二网络666建立呼叫。 [5588] If it is determined at step S958 of the first user 657 does not have sufficient credit, the method proceeds to step S965, where the user is notified how to obtain credit to enable a first user to set up the call via the second network 666. 这可以通过出现在用户界面上的条幅(图中未示出)来实现,该条幅通知第一用户657他没有足够信用来通过第二网络666建立呼叫并且可以包括第一用户657如何获得信用的指 This can be banners (not shown) appears on the user interface to achieve, the first user 657 banners notice he does not have enough credit to establish a call through the second network 666 and 657 may include a first user how to get credit finger

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[5566] 作为另一个示例,如果通过第一网络对第二设备的呼叫没有被第二用户在预定时间内进行应答,则显示用于向第二网络中与第二用户相关联的标识(例如,第二用户的PSTN号码)发起呼叫的呼叫按钮。 [5566] As another example, if the second device via the first network to call a second user response is not within a predetermined time, the display is used to identify the second network associated with the second user (for example, the second user s PSTN number) call button to initiate a call.

[5576] 如图6所示,第二网络666 (例如,PSTN网络666)连接至第一网络656。 , The second network 666 [5576] 6 (., PSTN network 666) connected to the first network 656. 第二用户665与第二网络666中的设备668相关联。 The second user 665 and second network 666 associated with the device 668. 在图6所示的示例中,第二用户665与PSTN网络666中的电话668相关联。 In the example shown in FIG. 6, the second user 665 and network 666. PSTN telephone 668 is associated. 如本领域已知的,电话668在PSTN网络666中由PSTN号码所标识。 As known in the art, telephone 668 666 PSTN network is identified by a PSTN number.

[5559] 通过基于分组的通信系统与另一用户建立呼叫的尝试有时会失败。 [5559] The packet-based communication system and other users to establish a call attempt may fail. 这例如可能是因为其它用户离线,或者因为其它用户并没有对建立呼叫的请求进行应答。 This example could be because another user is offline, or because other users do not request to establish a call will be answered. 在这些情况下,未通过基于分组的通信系统建立呼叫,并且第一用户想要与另一用户建立呼叫的需求没有得到满足。 In these cases, we have not set up a call through a packet-based communication system, and the first user wants to establish a call with another user s needs are not being met. 本发明的目标是促成第一用户与另一用户的呼叫建立。 Object of the present invention is to facilitate the establishment of the first user calls another user.

[5559] 当所述第一用户无法通过第一网络建立呼叫时,向第一用户显示次要呼叫装置。 [5559] When the first user can not set up a call through the first network, the first user to display secondary call device. 所述第一用户能够激活所述次要呼叫装置以通过第二网络建立与第二用户的呼叫。 The first user can call to activate said secondary means through the second network to establish a call with the second user. 以这种方式,在第一网络是P7P网络而第二网络是PSTN的情况下,根据第二用户在P7P网络中的可用性而有选择地向第一用户提供用来向与第二用户相关联的PSTN号码发起呼叫的装置。 In this manner, the first and the second network is a P7P network is the case of the PSTN network, based on the availability of the second user in the P7P network and to selectively provide a first user associated with the second user associated to PSTN number of calls originating device.

[5567] 图6是根据优选实施例的通信系统的示意图; [5567] FIG. 6 is a schematic view of a communication system according to the preferred embodiment

[5558] 优选地,所述第二网络是公共交换电话网(PSTN),并且所述第二标识符是在PSTN中与第二用户相关联的号码。 [5558] Preferably, the second network is a public switched telephone network (PSTN), and the second identifier is associated in the PSTN number associated with the second user. 优选地,所述第一网络是分组交换网络,例如端对端(P7P)通信网络。 Preferably, the first network is a packet switched network, ., end to end (P7P) communication network.

[5566] 为了更好地理解本发明以及示出如何使其得以实施,现在将通过示例参考附图,其中: [5566] For a better understanding of the present invention and to show how it is implemented, now by way of example with reference to the accompanying drawings, wherein:

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