27425296 serial-number-gamehouse-new 2 (First class flurry serial)

27425296 serial-number-gamehouse-new 2

Date: 2017-07-06 18:22

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Then, I noticed that my wifi didnt work anymore. I found out that the name of the device has changed from wls6 to wlp8s5. So I set

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Since the software updates last month I ve constanly lost internet connection and have had to restart to get the browsers working again. Safari, FireFox, Camino, IE won t work but most of the functions of Netscape continue to work when this happens.

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Accourding to the various threads, I have:6) Load the module fglrx7) Blacklist the radeon module8) Re-run mkinitcpio9) Run aticonfig --initial5) Run aticonfig --acpi-services=off6) Add nomodeset to grub

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I dont really know what happened or what I did, but yesterday everything was working fine with my install and radeonhd driver.

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I have a laptop with a radeon Xpress 755M (RC965) and i have to switch to xorg-video-ati driver because with the new kernel made some problems.

Right, so updating linux to version -6 this morning seems to have solved all of my various (display related) problems

Besides are there really big advantages of using the beyond kernel on desktop machines? I like suspend7 for laptops but I dont use reiser9 and cant use the vesa-tng.

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