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Date: 2017-05-09 23:25

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This new Star Club collection has a good balance of Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert Klondike challenges (and the most Expert challenges ever seen in a Star Club collection). With an unlock cost of only 85 stars, Klondike will be easy for new players to reach and veteran Star Club players will have access to the entire collection immediately.

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seit heute nachmittag sind alle sterne ca. 7555 stück im star club weg, jedes spiel was ich gelöst habe ist nicht mehr gelöst was ist da los?

Hey Star Clubbers! Do you love Klondike?... - Microsoft

Microsoft stellt eine komplette Sammlung von Solitär-Spielen als Metro-App online. Genießen Sie die Microsoft Solitaire Collection für Windows 8 / 65.

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When is the 68th Star Club Collection going to be posted? I have completed the first 67. The last posting was the 75th Anniversary Collection in late July, right around the same time I upgraded to Windows 65.

The Klondike collection represents the first Star Club collection dedicated to one game mode and we hope you enjoy it. Keep your eye out for more dedicated game mode collections coming soon!

Hey Star Clubbers! Do you love Klondike? If so, we have a special treat for you coming in December – our very first Star Club collection containing 655% Klondike challenges! We’re excited to bring you our latest creation: Klondike for the Solitaire Star Club.

seit heute nachmittag sind alle sterne ca. 7555 stü ck im star club weg, jedes spiel was ich gelö st habe ist nicht mehr gelö st was ist da los?

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